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A.Posse is a commitment to the product.  Stripped of the marketing and hype of everything in the industry, we make sneakers that are all about the craft and function.  Super comfortable, quality materials, and minimal aesthetics is all any man needs.  As a company based in New York City, our designs are influenced by the history, culture, and environment we live in.  All great things start from a solid foundation and looking good with the right pair of kicks is no different.


The current men’s footwear spectrum is saturated in 2 types of sneakers.  On one end there are flashy athletics composed from cheap synthetic materials, and on the other, overpriced, gaudy, designer sneakers.  Athletic footwear is great for sports but the material construction lacks the versatility for appropriate occasions.  In the high-end market, sneakers are exorbitantly charged based on name and not substance or function.  The contemporary man needs a desirably priced, quality material, premium sneaker that matches his lifestyle.

With our networks and close relationships with prime suppliers, we are able to provide a product that matches these criteria.  Our shoes are different because being an independent brand allows us to focus on creating quality usable products instead of ones based on advertising trends.

A Posse Ad Esse

“From Possibility to Actuality”

A.Posse is derived from the Latin phrase “A Posse Ad Esse” which means “from possibility to actuality.” This phrase perfectly embodies the spirit of our label that has evolved from founder Stephen Sung’s lifelong journey.  As a sneakerhead of the 80s and 90s in New York City, he envisioned a day building his own label.  For 10 years in his young adulthood, Steve specialized in luxury product development and design.  After this experience and his life as a sneaker aficionado, he wasn’t quite satisfied with the footwear products on the market and decided to rekindle his childhood dream: A.Posse.


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